Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Thing #182: another dog post

When I got my new dog, Gia, three months ago, Jesse was like, "your blog better not become All About Your Dog," and I've heeded his advice because I realize that no one wants to read about my dog every day, but I have to write about her today because I'm criminally behind on New Things (my year of new things ends in less than three weeks!) (I think I'll continue the blog though, even though I failed at the whole "365 new things" thing) (I might take a break over the holidays and re-evaluate what I want this blog to be) (or maybe I'll just keep doing what I've been doing) (which has been to write about whatever, and to occasionally write about New Things) (anyway)

New Thing #182: Gia sat on my lap for the first time.

I know that might not seem significant, but we rescued Gia (the rescue woman found her roaming the streets of Los Angeles, scared and frail and skin and bones) and I'm pretty sure that she was beaten by her previous owners (when we got her, she was very skittish) and she doesn't like to be held. At all. She hates it. Which doesn't mean she isn't loving--she always wants to be with people, but she'd prefer to sit on the ground where she can see you than to actually sit right next to your or on your lap. I grew up with a dachshund who was a major lapdog, so I've been wishing Gia would feel comfortable enough to, if not sit on my lap, then at least sit next to me on the couch. But for the last three months, no go. Until yesterday...she climbed up into my lap and just sat there for, like, ten minutes. I was shocked. And it made me so happy that, even though it took three months, she's starting to feel safe here.


Gina said...

yea! Props to you for rescuing a pup and letting her feel safe and loved. That's awesome!

Love, G
ps. I'm going to keep stalking you until you read the evite I sent you....

Erik said...

She's an awesome dog. I definitely love her more than she loves me, but I'm giving her time.

p.s. Stalk much?