Tuesday, December 12, 2006

this is the second time i've written about eyebrow dandruff, which is kinda lame and probably boring. sorry.

Several months ago, I wrote a post requesting advice on how to get rid of eyebrow dandruff, and even though several of my readers gave me advice—good advice, at that—I didn’t partake of any of your home remedies (honestly, I don’t even remember what they were now), and so I still suffer from this stupid dandruff of the brow. It’s not, like, a devastating thing to suffer from—it’s more an annoyance than, say, a bane on my existence. At least that’s what I thought…

…until about twenty minutes ago when some eyebrow dandruff fell into my eye and wedged itself into that place between my eyeball and my bottom lid (is there a name for that spot, or does it just fall within the all-encompassing “it’s in my eye”?) and I cannot freaking blink the stupid eyebrow dandruff out (though I’ve been trying for twenty minutes) (it was a big chunk of druff) and now I’m sitting here afraid that for the rest of my life I will feel this minor irritation inside my lid and I'll be the guy who's always, like, muttering under his breath “damned fucking eyebrow dandruff” and people will always be like "what did that guy just mutter?" and then I'll have to always be like "nothing, it's just this damned fucking eyebrow dandruff. Anyway..."


TheDarkerUma said...

how zeus! i would usually say "JE-sus!" but this is more fun!

as one who suffers from dry skin daily, i would recommend cetaphil. apply to eyebrows daily if not tri-daily and i'm sure you will be good to go.

i too (like) porn

Erik said...

cetaphil reminds me so much of you!

putting cetaphil on my eyebrows will make me feel like i'm putting YOU on my eyebrows.

frankswildlunch said...

Okay, you need to get that out. When I was in college I ended up with something stuck to underside of my eyelid which sent me to urgent care with a scratched eyeball. Granted, dandruff isn't quite the same as plastic, but it was pretty irritating. I had to wear this ugly gauze patch and everything.

Erik said...

fwl, it finally stopped bothering me last night, so i assume it got out!

i would be into wearing an ugly gauze patch over my eye, though, because i like injuries that garner sympathy, and i imagine an ugly gauze patch would garner loads.

aimie said...

um, i bet you could google a solution but you could also get an eyebrow brush from any makeup supply store or even rite-aid. i bet brushing your brows once a day will keep it out of your poor ole eyes.