Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RIP Peter Boyle

As much as I've always professed a great distaste and hatred for Everybody Loves Raymond, whenever I've actually watched an entire episode, I begrudgingly find myself laughing a lot. I'll admit it, it's true. The big tall guy always annoyed me, but Peter Boyle was always pretty damned funny. He was also my favorite X-Files guest star ever, and the funniest Frankenstein's monster in the history of Frankenstein's monsters.

Peter Boyle just died of heart disease at the (very young, in my opinion) age of 71. Very sad. You can read a pretty informative (John Lennon was the best man at his wedding!) obit HERE.

(By the by, character actors had better watch out for awhile, because character actors die in threes.)


Jesse said...

maybe not someone's life, but what about someone's career, say Channing Tatum's? Dude, I just sat through that film after your gushing. I will never forgive you.

Anonymous said...

I loved Peter Boyle...very bummed. I'm like you too about Raymond...the few times I've seen it I found myself laughing. Also Brad Garrett (the tall guy)...much funnier as himself than on the show!

Erik said...

Jesse, I don't know what's wrong with you. I think someone should revoke your gay card. How could you not love Step Up????

Erik said...

Ilene, it's a major bummer. He was a cool dude.